Glorious Seed Referral Program


Are you a Glorious Seed customer? If you like to bring the gospel into more families, why not share the experience by inviting your friends to shop with us? For every successful referral, you'll get a $10 Glorious Seed discount code that you can use on your next Glorious Seed purchase!

Step 1: Refer Your Friends 

You have a personalised referral code. Share it with your friends and ask them to insert the code on the Check Out page. Note that referral invitations are applicable only to new Glorious Seed customers. The more friends use your referral code, the more money you can save.

Step 2: Your Friends Make Their First Glorious Seed Purchase

If your friend enters the referral code on the Check Out page, they receive $10 discount for their first purchase on Glorious Seed. After they have made their first successful purchase worth at least $40, you will receive a new unique one-time discount code worth of $10 Glorious Seed discount. Your friend must use your personalised referral code for you to receive a new unique one-time $10 Glorious Seed discount. 

Step 3: Use Your Glorious Seed Discount Code Towards Your Next Purchase

When you are ready to checkout your order, enter your unique one-time discount code on the Check Out page where you key in your payment information.


Terms & Conditions: 

  • You can use only one discount code per transaction.
  • The minimum purchase must be worth at least $40 per order to be able to use the referral discount code or unique one-time discount code.
  • Your Glorious Seed referral discount code and your unique one-time Glorious Seed discount code expire 90 days after receipt of the code.
  • The Glorious Seed Referral program only applies to our e-store customers. The discount codes only apply for purchases at our e-store.
  • Note that these conditions apply only to Glorious Seed discount codes obtained via the Referral program.
  • Glorious Seed reserves the right to impose a limit of one account per physical address (at the unit number level). If a given address has multiple accounts associated with it, Glorious Seed reserves the right to close all related accounts, suspend the accounts from participating in the Glorious Seed referral program, prohibit the accounts from using any coupons and vouchers, cancel any orders placed and/or invalidate any credits earned. Allowing multiple accounts to share the same address is at the sole discretion of Glorious Seed.


1. You are a Glorious Seed customer, but haven't received your referral code yet? Feel free to write to us at and we will send you your personalised referral code.

2. Your friend has used your personalised referral code but you haven't received your unique one-time discount code yet? Feel free to write to us at and we will send you your unique one-time code.

3. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know. Drop us an email at