Sowing Faith Seeds August 17, 2015 15:26

Every new born is a miracle of God.  Every baby is a creation of the Creator. Every baby comes into this world because of the breath of God that gives them life. 

To me, every single child is therefore so precious, so beautiful and so extraordinary. It is this revelation of Whose we are that gives me tremendous confidence that every child can connect with the love of God and encounter Jesus personally.

My almost three-year old niece and eighteen month old nephew are wonderful testimonies of this truth. From their birth, they are exposed to songs that tell of the love of God and His Son Jesus. My favorite CDs are those from Stephen Elkins including the albums "100 ways to Know God Loves Me". I hope it is their favorite too!

Speaking blessings over them is precious too. 

Although their parents are not yet believers of Christ, today my niece knows Jesus, in her own way. She places her hands to her heart and declares that Jesus is with her. She would twirl her hands and launch them into the air to teach her young brother - that's how you praise Jesus!

Indeed no child is too young to worship Jesus.

I see God's favor on my niece and nephew. I see them protected under His wings. I see them growing up to be God's champions for His Kingdom.

They are the inspirations that God has placed in my life, to give me the courage to start Glorious Seed and to sow faith seeds with children. 

The journey of Glorious Seed has just begun. I pledge to remain faithful to the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God by blessing infants with the love of Christ Jesus.

It has to be all of Jesus and none of me, or this journey will be one of strife instead of joy.

Thank you for reading this post.

God bless you and your family!